Saturday, February 23, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 112

Well, it seems I'm approaching the end of my weight loss sooner than expected. About four days ago, I noticed that I'm no longer in ketosis, for one thing, so my weight loss has begun to slow. This morning, my weight is at 182 lbs, so I've lost only one pound, as opposed to two, as I've been averaging each week. So, given that, it looks like my initial predictions of my weight stabilizing in the range of 175 to 180 lbs may turn out to be true, after all. It just depends on how much longer it goes on and from here on out, how much I lose will be entirely dependent upon how many calories I take in, versus how many calories I expend.

Where my BMI (Body Mass Index) is concerned, I'm still in the "normal weight" range and falling slower, now. Today, I'm at a BMI of 24.7.

On the blood pressure, I'm showing a marked improvement this morning on the systolic side, with 118/82. This is good, as it means my heart is no longer working as hard on each each beat and, where the systolic pressure is concerned, is completely normal. On the other hand, my diastolic pressure is up this morning, but only by a single point over a week ago. It'd been fluctuating up and down around a core of 80 for several weeks, now, so I suppose that's nothing to be alarmed about. Again, this is all with medication. I'm looking for a return to normal in blood pressure, probably by the time I've been at it a year, which will be November 2nd.

Where my blood sugar is concerned, I still haven't managed to cut out the late night weekend snacking (nuts, mostly), so, this morning my blood sugar's at 101, which is normal, but still a bit higher than I'd like to see. I was still eating at around midnight last night and didn't go to bed until almost 3:00am, awakening at 9:45am. So, I guess it's no shock or surprise to see 101 first thing in the morning. It may fall some after my afternoon walk today, though.

Overall, I'm looking and feeling much better, though there are still a few remaining small pockets of residual fat that are stubbornly hanging on, though they are going slowly. I figure that will be gone, surely, by November, if not sooner. But, now that I'm out of ketosis, as I said, I'll have to work for each pound I lose and not consume more calories than I burn off. In other words, if I want to continue or accelerate my weight loss, I'll have to increase my exercise, like everyone else.