Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 287

Everything seems to be mostly stabilized this time, with my weight remaining at 162 lbs, as it was last weekend, which leaves my BMI (Body Mass Index) at 22.0. My body fat percentage has continued to remain steady at 12.7%, also.

Meanwhile, my blood sugar dropped a little, to 89 ml/dcl. This, despite the fact that, yesterday I was compelled to have a slice of my boss's birthday cake, with chocolate ice cream - the first time I've eaten any such thing in over nine months. Interestingly, it didn't seem to have any noticeable
negative effect on me and, of course, has, by now, passed entirely from my body without incident. Fortunately, that won't happen again - at least for another year, anyway.

My blood pressure has also dropped since last Saturday, to a normal 111/70, which, according to the chart, is what it should be after strenuous exercise - never mind that I just got out of bed. Hey, maybe I was dreaming of running or something. ;)