Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 266

Well, I'm beginning to see the effect of not having exercised (enough) all week. My weight has risen by another pound, to 169. This puts my BMI (Body Mass Index) at 22.9 - still in the mid-normal weight range.

However, my body fat percentage remains stable, at 12.7%, which indicates to me that my body must be retaining water, due to the fact the average daily temperature this week has been at or around 100 degrees. That, combined with the accursed effects of Daylight Savings Time (i.e., the sun doesn't begin to set until I'm getting ready for bed) has kept me from getting in my daily walks.

Meanwhile, my blood sugar rose slightly, to 106, I suppose, at least in part, due to this, plus having had the usual late-night snack. But, still, 106 is well within normal bounds. As for my blood pressure, it, too, remains normal, at 113/70.

So, altogether, I'm still doing fine - I just need to get in some walking later on tonight and work out today. Other than that, nothing to worry about.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 259

Today's not much different than last weekend, with the exception that I seem to have gained 4 lbs, somehow. So, I'm now at 168 lbs. This moves my BMI (Body Mass Index) up to 22.8, which is still in the middle of the normal weight range.

As for whether this increase in weight can be attributed to an increase in body fat or not, it doesn't appear to be so, as my body fat percentage has remained stable at 12.7%. So, either it's an increase in muscle tissue (doubtful, as I haven't been working out enough) or it's an increase in water. I think water in the likely answer. Given it's been in the 90's all week, maybe my body is retaining water to stay hydrated.

My blood sugar remains normal at 96 ml/dcl, just 1 ml/dcl lower than last week's reading. No news is good news.

Where my blood pressure is concerned, it's right in the middle of the normal range at 109/74. Again, this is with medication. I think I'll watch it a while longer before deciding to dispense with my Lisinopril.

Ho-hum. Another boringly normal report.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 252

Another good report, today. My weight remains stable at 164 lbs, which means my BMI (Body Mass Index) also remains at 22.2. My bodyfat percentage is also stable, at 12.7%.

Where my blood sugar is concerned, it's at a normal reading of 97 ml/dcl this morning, so no change there, either, to speak of.

My blood pressure came back down from last week's 122/80 to this morning's 116/68, which is right in the middle of the normal range. Again, this is with medication. I think I'll watch this a while longer before I make the decision to discontinue my medication, but, it's looking favorable for that.

Well, I guess this is going to be a short report, then. No news is good news!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 245

I'm off to a late start this Saturday afternoon, after being up until nearly 7:00am on this holiday weekend. I ate a meal at about 3:00am, also, so that, plus the fact it's after 2:00pm now, should explain some of my readings.

My weight remains stable at 164 lbs, and that, of course, means my BMI (Body Mass Index) also remains stable at 22.2, which is in the "normal weight" range for my 6 foot frame.

As for my body fat percentage, it's at 12.7 %, currently, which is 1.2% less than last week's 13.9%. This is toward the lower end of the "healthy" range for a man my age. I'll take that!

Meanwhile, my blood sugar is at 106 ml/dcl, which I'd expect after having eaten a meal after 3:00am and sleeping from nearly 7:00am until almost 2:00pm. This is within 7 ml/dcl of the upper threshold of "normal," so, nothing to worry about, there.

My blood pressure is understandably a little higher, also, due to the timing of my testing today. Generally, blood pressure and blood sugar both tend to rise a little during the afternoon, so my blood pressure reading (taken to the soothing strains of someone's car alarm out in the parking lot) of 122/80 is not at all out of line. Had I taken it between mid and late morning, as usual, I'd expect it would have been a little lower, thus, more consistent with the readings I've been getting, lately. Still, 122/80 is "normal," and nothing to be concerned about.