Sunday, December 30, 2007

Paleo Diet - Day 59

Well, I've dropped another 5 lbs since last Saturday and I'm now at 199 lbs! Goodbye to the 200's forever! Meanwhile, my blood sugar is now consistently within the normal range between meals, rising only slightly into the "pre-diabetic" range after meals. My prediction: that within another month or so, my blood sugar will be completely normal and will remain so for the rest of my life! And all of this without any medication whatsoever, proving that type 2 diabetes is purely a dietary condition that is preventable, controllable and curable by diet and exercise, alone.

Where my blood pressure is concerned, it has fallen into the "prehypertension" range, with today's measure being 128/88. This is with medication, though. So, where the blood pressure is concerned, I'm lagging behind a little, but, the good news is that it is coming down and should continue to do so as all other factors also diminish. I noticed my systolic pressure was a little higher than last time, but the diastolic, which is the more critical, has fallen. I'm not certain as to whether that's a positive development or not. My guess is that it is, since the diastolic did drop.

Meanwhile, the Total Gym has been shipped and is on its way. It should arrive by January 7th. Once I have it, I should begin to accelerate my weight loss, raise my HDL and lower my LDL and lower my blood sugar much more. My only concern is that the addition of strength training may cause a rise in my blood pressure, as well. So, I'll have to monitor that carefully and try to make my Total Gym workouts more "aerobic" by doing more reps at a faster pace and with less resistance, as opposed to increasing resistance and doing fewer reps. Also, increasing my walking time would help regulate my blood pressure. Overall, things are shaping up very positively.