Monday, November 12, 2007

Cinnamon as a Remedy for Diabetes

Well, since I first met with my nutritionist two weeks ago, I've already lost 4 pounds on the Paleo Diet. My blood sugar has remained in the 100's and my test this evening showed perfect stability of my blood sugar at 156 both before and two hours following dinner. I might be able to credit that result to a vigorous walk before dinner and the fact that dinner consisted, in part, of green apple slices topped with powdered cinnamon. Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar and, of course, so does exercise, by burning off glucose.

After this happy result, I did some research on cinnamon as a remedy for diabetes and found that, in a study in which patients were given half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily, their blood sugar was reduced. The study also confirmed that this effect is the same in people who don't have diabetes.

So, I've decided to consume at least one tablespoon of cinnamon per day, as well as use it in my meals, and see if I notice any effect. My goal is to get my glucose down to around 100 and maintain it there. So far, I appear to be on track to achieving this, since the upper limit of normal blood sugar is 110.

By the way, I've canceled my second appointment with the nutritionist and won't be seeing her again. Why would I, when she advocates allowing me to eat the foods that will perpetuate my diabetes and actually make it worse? In the end, I'm the only one I can trust with my own health.