Monday, November 19, 2007

Into the Normal Range!

This evening, prior to dinner, I checked my blood sugar and found it was at 102. The high end of the normal range for blood glucose is 110. My blood sugar, two hours after dinner (broiled burger patty with onions and jalapeno slices; carrots; cranberries and bottled water), had spiked to 137, which is lower than my previous lowest measurement.

So, it looks as if the Paleo Diet and the cinnamon are paying off. I expect that, with minor fluctuations, my blood sugar is now headed into the normal range, where it will ultimately stay - without any medication whatsoever!

My doctor is going to freak out when I tell him I did this simply by cutting grains, dairy and processed foods from my diet and doing a little walking. His mindset is that the way to handle everything is with drugs. He does absolutely nothing to encourage the patient to make corrections in diet, and that is especially alarming in the case of diabetes - which is a dietary disease! So, you ask, why haven't I dumped this guy and found a better doctor? Because they're all the same! They are trained to become legalized drug pushers, shills for the pharmaceuticals industry, right from the start of their education. The emphasis in modern medicine is upon suppression of symptoms with the use of drugs - not curing disease. Why? Because, if they were to cure these diseases, the market for their services, as well as the market for drugs, would dry up. There is a reason why the American Cancer Society has been around for 94 years without having found a cure for cancer. There is a reason why the American Diabetic Association encourages diabetics to eat grains and dairy - the very same foods that caused their diabetes, in the first place! Diabetes is a diet-related condition, correctable by changes in diet - not the "incurable" disease that doctors and the pharmaceuticals industry want us to believe it is. I am living proof!