Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 175

After a late dinner (9:00pm) at Golden Corral (steak, chicken, pepperoni, salad and watermelon, with water) and getting up at noonish today, I find my weight has dropped another four pounds to 165 lbs. Here, I was expecting it to at least remain stable, if not go up a pound or two, and it goes the other way, instead. And this, in spite of less exercise, lately. I haven't been walking regularly since the weekend I spent with the flu. Also, though, I've been doing more on my Total Gym, at the same time, so I know I'm not losing muscle and have actually gained a bit, as I can see from my biceps and triceps. So, my guess is that I'm still losing fat, which is a good thing, as there are still some stubborn little pockets of it here and there. As I continue to add muscle, that fat loss will increase, in fact, so this may explain the spurt of additional weight loss. Of course, this additional weight loss has slightly changed my BMI (Body Mass Index), to 22.4, which is still mid-range "normal weight."

Also following the late-night dinner and a little snacking on Brazil nuts later, still, my blood sugar is at 108 at noon. Still normal, though "high normal." My blood sugar readings have been this way all week, indicating that not walking as much is not burning off as much blood sugar as usual. The Total Gym workouts probably aren't aerobic enough to have much effect on this, so my guess is it's the lack of walking exercise that has pushed my readings up a little. Still, my insulin resistance has improved (lessened), due to the diet, and, over time, should continue to improve.

Also improving (since adding new batteries to my blood pressure monitor) is my blood pressure, which is at 120/87. Sort of in the neighborhood of "normal," whatever that is.

Meanwhile, I have slightly increased my fat intake, adding a little more coconut oil to my diet, as well as more eggs (which also contains more protein). So, this may also be a factor in spurring new weight (fat) loss.