Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 330

Well, it looks like things are changing, though I'm not sure what is changing, yet. Looks like my body fat, though, which has moved up some more, to 12.4%, which is still in healthy territory, but lower than it has been. Meanwhile, I gained back a pound, so I'm back to 160 lbs after two weeks at 159. Again, I would rather the weight gained have been muscle, as opposed to fat, but, at least I'm not continuing to lose weight. This changes my BMI (Body Mass Index) to 21.7, which is still in the "normal weight" range.

As usual, my blood sugar, despite a meal in the wee hours of the morning, is normal, at 95 dcl/ml. So, nothing wrong with that.

As for my blood pressure, it's at a normal 106/73, right in the middle of the normal range. As I've mentioned before, this is with medication, so I'm still waiting for the day when I can discontinue the use of that and remain consistently in the normal range naturally. Maybe after I've been on the diet a year, which is coming up in just 35 days.

Speaking of which, I've been thinking about the logical limits of this blog, lately, which, despite as much fun as it's been, does take up some of my time on Saturday mornings, when I could be doing other things. I have toyed with the idea of letting it end at the one year mark. After all, Loren Cordain promises, in his book, The Paleo Diet, that it will take about a year, in most cases, for the diet to reach its peak effectiveness in returning one to normal weight and health, and it seems I'm well on schedule, as far as that is concerned, so, what would be the point in continuing to report my results to the world beyond that point?

I'm certainly not expecting to return to the state I was in before the diet - ever again - and the continuation of a monotonous normality of health surely can't be entertaining anyone anymore, though I suppose it does inspire those who have been wondering if the paleo diet is for them or not. It is for those people that I have continued this blog as long as I have, in fact.

I think that, by now, anyone who has been following my progress has seen and been convinced by the results I've had that the paleolithic diet is the most effective means of regaining one's lost health, almost no matter what condition one is in when they begin. It is certainly not a cure-all, of course - nothing ever is - but it is the closest thing to it and, as I've said before, this is because it is man's natural diet; the one our species evolved on. Thus, it is the diet we are genetically adapted to and, of course, eating that diet on a consistent basis, as I have been doing for nearly a year, now, should - at least in theory - return one to his or her natural state, or give that state of health to those who may never have known of it, in the first place. If it has done so for you, as it has for me, then congratulations!

If only one person out there is reading this and has tried the diet and benefited from it, then I have achieved some semblance of the goal I had in mind by beginning this blog, in the first place. And, if there is no one out there reading it, well, what's the point, right? So, I am announcing that, effective November 2nd - my one-year paleo diet "anniversary" - I will no longer maintain updating of this blog. Of course, I will leave it out here on the web for posterity - or until Blogger or Blogspot decide to pull the plug on it, if they ever do, and, in that way, it can continue to be found and read and, hopefully, used by others who can benefit from the information I've provided. That is, after all, what my goal has been all along, in writing this.