Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 337

Well, I was "bad" last night and was in one of those situations in which I was forced to eat a decidedly non-paleo dinner (cheeseburger, fries and a rootbeer), but the only effect I noticed this morning was that my blood sugar had risen a few points higher than usual, while still remaining normal. So, once in a while, you can eat one meal, here and there, that is non-paleo and get away with it. Just as long as that doesn't become a routine, that is.

Meanwhile, my weight remains stable at 160 lbs, which means my BMI (Body Mass Index) also remains stable at 21.7 ("normal weight"). My body fat percentage is 12.1%, down a hair from last week's 12.4%. That must be due to working out more this week than last week.

As I mentioned, my blood sugar went up a little, to 100 ml/dcl this morning, which is within 10 ml/dcl of the maximum for "normal," so I'm fine and that will decline as the day wears on the effects of my meal at Sonic wear off.

Where my blood pressure is concerned, it's at a normal 100/67 this morning, which is lower than last week's 106/73, so, no complaints there.

As I mentioned last time, due to the disgusting normality of my results, lately, I will be terminating my updates of this blog on November 2nd, the one-year anniversary of my paleo diet experience, thus sparing you the monotony of further updates. As mentioned, the blog will remain here, though; it just won't be updated any longer. I'm afraid the cheeseburger incident of last night is about as exciting as this blog is going to get from here on out. But, that's a good thing.