Saturday, October 11, 2008

Paleo Diet - Day 344

More normality again, this time. My weight remains stable at 160 lbs, thus my BMI (Body Mass Index) remains at 21.7 (normal weight), while my body fat percentage has fallen to 11.8% from last week's 12.1%, so I'm doing something right and that may be a slight increase in the number of repetitions I'm doing during my Total Gym workouts, which would tend to add muscle, which, in turn, would burn off more fat.

Meanwhile, my blood sugar is, again, at 100 ml/dcl this, probably owing to the big bunch of grapes I was snacking on in the wee hours of the morning, combined with handfuls of almonds. But, still well within normal range.

As for my blood pressure, it's just slightly higher than last week, but still quite normal at 110/69.

Again, I'll remind you - and state, for any newcomers, as well, that, effective 21 days from now (November 2nd), I'll be discontinuing my blog updates, though this blog will remain online for others to read and benefit from. November 2nd is the one-year anniversary of my Paleo Diet experience and, while I will certainly be continuing on the diet (why would I not?), I am probably boring you to death with my continued reports of normal health stats. But, as I said, an entire year's worth of these reports, including my comments on the processed foods industry, etc. will remain here for all to read. For those who are new to this site, those comments are contained mostly (but not entirely) in the earliest posts.