Friday, December 28, 2007

Almost There on My Blood Sugar!

This evening, for the second consecutive day, my before-meal and after-meal blood sugar measures were 92 and 121, respectively. The 92, before the meal, is well within the normal range (which peaks at 113) and the 121 (after the meal) is only 8 points above normal.

So, these results indicate yet another threshold has been crossed. My blood sugar appears to now be normal between meals and just barely into what is called the "pre-diabetic" range afterward. I am confident it won't be much longer - perhaps a few more weeks - until my blood sugar is within the normal range, not only between meals, but all the time. When this occurs and when it becomes a stable norm, effectively, I will no longer be a diabetic.

This is due almost entirely to the Paleo Diet (exercise plays a role, also, but it's mostly the change in diet). As long as I continue to eat this way (and why wouldn't I?), I will remain a non-diabetic for the rest of my life, which will be much longer, due to the Paleo Diet.

Bear in mind that most type 2 diabetics are never cured. Of course, this is simply because they are (1) ignorant of the fact that diabetes is a preventable and curable condition that responds to changes in diet (as I'm proving) and (2) they are badly mislead by their doctors and nutritionists, who, like mine, have told them they can eat anything they want to, just in "moderation," and have hooked them on medications that never solve the underlying problem and only maintain their diabetic state until it progresses to full-blown type 1 diabetes.

At least some of these "healthcare professionals," if not most of them, know very well that diabetes is curable with changes in diet. So what motivates them to not share this information with the public? Money. Now, I'm not a socialist. I believe in free market capitalism. But, free markets only function correctly to the extent that all participants are honest, fair and ethical. For a doctor, who has sworn an oath to heal the sick and to do no harm to his patients, to then withhold vital information from his patients that would solve their medical problems - not to mention dispensing dangerous and damaging drugs to them, because it's more profitable than curing illness, is simply criminal behavior. If the majority of the public knew what their doctors are really up to and how they are being not only fleeced, but put at risk of injury and death, the medical profession would be forced to either clean up its act and return to the values of the Hippocratic Oath, or be subject to lawsuits and possible jail time. I'm not kidding.

My own doctor prescribed Metformin for my diabetes. I immediately looked it up on the web as soon as I got home from his office and found that it is the most dangerous drug for controlling diabetes on the market.

Had I blindly followed my physician's orders, I am sure I would be, not only in far worse health than I am now, but in worse health than I was when I went to see him, in the first place. What recourse do I have? Unfortunately, none, because he prescribed a legally approved drug for its normally intended use. As long as drugs like these are allowed to become legal medications, doctors will continue to prescribe them and patients will continue to suffer and die needlessly.