Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Steady Weight Loss

Today, I'm down another two pounds from this time last week. Not a lot of weight loss, but it's consistent with Cordain's prediction of slower, steady weight loss, following the initial rapid weight loss.

This means, of course, that I've burned off 7,000 calories more than I took in during the week (a 3,500 calorie deficit equals one pound of burned fat). Not bad, considering all that changed was that I lengthened my evening walks to double what they had been; i.e., to about 20 minutes. I had an especially good walk last night, averaging around 4 mph, I'd say (based upon past experience). It was a good way to generate some body heat to keep warm with in the cold drizzle. ;)

Keep in mind that I haven't yet added in my 60 minute walks, the first of which will be this afternoon. With that figured in, I should expect to see a bit more weight loss by next Saturday than I've had this past week. Given that my total walking time by then will amount to just a little more than 37% more than what it was this week, I'd guesstimate my weight loss for next Saturday to be around 2.74 pounds. Again, not a staggering result, but one must consider that I'm now into the phase during which my continue fat loss is a reflection of how many calories I expend, though it's still typical for me to be losing fat while sleeping or sitting at my computer. It's just slowed down, that's all. I still have a lot of body fat, both apparent and hidden, to lose and as long as there is more fat than the number of calories I consume can support, the excess fat will continue to be used as fuel. Since I've increased my exercise, and will be increasing it more (especially once I get my old broken down Total Gym replaced) in coming weeks, that excess fat will not only continue to be burned off, but at an accelerated rate.

About that Total Gym, I've had mine since 1997 and it's been a great workout machine, but it has developed a defect in one of the plastic rollers that causes a loud popping sound when the gym's in use. It doesn't keep me from using it, but it's irritating enough I want to replace the gym (the part can't be replaced) with a new Total Gym 1700 Club (one of my "Christmas presents" to myself). Then, I'll really be taking off the fat.