Monday, December 10, 2007

Blood Sugar Progress

After yo-yo-ing up and down for a while, my blood sugar has now stabilized around the low "pre-diabetic" range (110 to 150) now. It seems to be headed in an overall downward trend and the next big push will be into the normal range. But, keep in mind, it's still early in my Paleo Diet program, with less than two months under my belt (which is too big for me now!).

This evening, I tested around dinner, with my blood sugar being at 126 before the meal and, after a couple of hours, during which I did some light exercise (treadmill for five minutes, a set of jumping jacks, some push-ups and some squat-thrusts, since we've had an ice storm today and I can't walk outside) and a spoonful of cinnamon, it was down to 120! Lower than before the meal. I love it when that happens. Proof positive that exercise and cinnamon are an effect means of blood sugar control. Much better than drugs!

Sometime around my next birthday (October 2008), I should be back to normal again, I estimate. That will be close to one full year, as I started the diet on November 2nd 2007. To celebrate my 56th birthday, I plan to eat out (as Paleo-friendly as I can find) and ask for the senior discount, just to see what kind of reaction I get. I have no doubt they'd ask for my ID even now, much less then.