Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still More Weight Loss

Today is day 44 of the Paleo Diet and I'm down to 206 lbs, a reduction of 5 lbs since last week! So, the additional walking exercise is paying off. That's now 27 lbs I've lost, in total, since beginning the diet on November 2nd.

I won't have the money to order my new Total Gym until next week, and after ordering it, there will probably be a delay of a few weeks before it arrives, so I won't have any Total Gym results to report until probably sometime in January.

Once I do begin using the Total Gym, however, get ready for some dramatic results! As I said earlier, I've had my old Total Gym since 1997 and, when I first began using it, I was already in pretty good shape, but, even so, there were remarkable improvements. Given the shape I'm in now, I expect the results of using the Total Gym will be even more impressive, as I tone my muscles and add new muscle tissue.

Meanwhile, there has been a light dusting of snow overnight, but the streets are still clear, so I will be doing my 60 minute walk this afternoon, which should help spur some further weight loss I can tell you about next Saturday.